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About Z Sports Cards

Hello everyone.  Z here!  I got started in this journey after seeing some live streams where people were selling cards at absurd prices, seemingly trying to make a living off of selling sports cards.  I do this as a hobby, and only that. Not trying to make a living.  I’ve always loved sports and sports cards growing up.  After seeing this, I decided I could help grow this hobby in a fair way. I want to allow everyone a chance to purchase and enjoy cards and at fair prices, regardless of their income bracket. My main source is via TikTok (z_sports_cards) which I primarily only run memorabilia on now.   

One of the best parts of this hobby is the truly great people in it. Through this hobby I met Jersey Ant.  Our friendship turned into a business partnership and creation of a second TikTok account (z_breaks) which Jersey Ant controls and runs card breaks off of. 

Although we are geographically separated, the brotherhood created between us through this amazing hobby is strong.  We ALWAYS strive to put our customers first.  If you break memorabilia or cars with us, we promise that you will enjoy your time in our stream, pull quality products at incredibly affordable prices, and receive quick shipping with tracking on all orders.

Thanks for taking the time to read and grow this amazing hobby!  See you in the stream!

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